Underdogs unite

 "Sean said he’d never forget this project. I know every single one of us who has been involved from the start feels exactly the same. You all made us believe in the strength and love of the Underdog family. Because that’s what we are -  a family. Thank you all for everything these past several months. The project may be at a close but the feelings associated with it will always live in our hearts. “Strong for Sean” isn’t just a bracelet, it’s knowing that none of us will ever be alone so long as we have each other." - Strong For Sean, tumblr


I söndags fick Sean en scrapbook som Charlotte har gjort. Den innehåller namnen på alla som köpt ett armband, bilder som har skickats till strong for sean på alla när de har armbanden på sig och massor med tweets. Så jävla fint! Blir helt varm och fuzzy inombords. Sjukt glad över att jag har lärt känna dessa underbara underdogs över det så kallade internets.


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