Just nu är jag på lyrics humör. Här kommer några bra.

Well you built up a world of magic
Because your real life is tragic
Yeah you built up a world of magic
If it's not real
You can't see it with your eyes
You can't feel it with your heart
And I won't believe it
Cause if it's true
You can see it with your eyes
Even in the dark
And that's where I want to be, yeah
Go get your shovel
We'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Ba da ba da ba...
Paramore-Brick by boring brick

It's okay to be angry and never let go
It only gets harder the more that you know
When you get lonely if no one's around
You know that I'll catch you when you're falling down
We came together but you left alone
And I know how it feels to walk out on your own
Maybe someday I will see you again
And you'll look me in my eyes and call me your friend
Yellowcard-Empty apartment
  (Fy vad jag saknar dem!)

Well I am the cancer running through your veins
I am the sweat dripping down the side of your face
I am the pain in the back of your legs,
it makes you fall to you knees it makes you believe
And I am the headline, that’s going to make front page news
I am that fashion you’re all into.
You me at six-The Rumour

Tear in two, she lies awake
The moonlight's soft, the moonlight day
Another night she spends alone
Without his touch her skin's so cold

The blood that's running through her veins
With every beat, there's no escape
Lost in everything she trusts
Still can't seem to get enough

Even though the world she loves
It won't ever be the way it was
And his heart of stone has left hers breaking
Mayday parade- The Silence

There is more to come :D


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